Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2: Geography and Climate

(this is for the TIGSource World Building Challenge, found here.)

Map of the Samar province of ValgaP.S. Scans and digital art coming soon

For the length of this World Building Challenge I will be focusing on the province of Samar in the world of Valga. Samar is split up into five regions: Borg, Figan, Malsad, Vendus, and Kahir.

Borg is a hilly and somewhat dry region of Samar. To its west are the arid plains and dry beaches. The east is covered with long stretches of rolling hills and winding rivers. Its mild climate, abundance of rivers, and generous vegetation has led to it becoming a densely populated region. The capitol city of Borg is located along the banks of it's large central lake, depicted in the map above. To its south is a large mountain range which stretches for the better part of the land mass, marking the southern border of Samar.

Figan, contrary to Borg, is a sparsely populated region. To its southeast are dense rainforest-like forests and particularly humid weather. Its climate cultivates all manners of spectacular creatures, but many find them to be rather... voracious. To the northwest of the Figan islands is a more marsh-like environment, a perfect home for many reptilians and the like. The populace here is sparse, but it does exist. To the far east are a small set of recently discovered islands which no explorer has yet returned to recount upon.

Malsad is the self-proclaimed "royal capitol" of the Samar province.(more on that later) Malsad features the heaviest population of the entire province and nearly the entire island is covered in buildings. In the center of Malsad are a group of mountains and a great rivers which runs down to the southern coast.

Kahir is densely forested and receives rain for much of the year. Nearly the entire island is covered in trees and flora, and it teems with wildlife. The intense thickness of the forest seldom allows light to pierce the canopies, and often the forest floor is nearly completely dry. The people of Kahir often live in seclusion.

Finally is Vendus. The northern half of Vendus is rocky and mountainous. To the north are a great mountain range that is said to be impossible to cross, and as such it marks the northern border of Samar. Many rivers flow down from the frigid ice caps of the Vendus mountains, giving the central section of the region healthy vegetation and plentiful grasslands. The southern section of Vendus, its long-reaching peninsula, shares a partial representation of Kahir's climate. It is forested, but no where near as densely as Kahir. Some of the same plants and animals may be found there as well. This southern section of Vendus is it's most populated area, having a major trade city on it's eastern tip. Vendus has the highest biological diversity of all of Samar's regions, with Figan coming in second.

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