Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 1: World

(this is for the TIGSource World Building Challenge, found here.)

Many a mystery it is, the origin of our world.

However the origin of Valga is not a mystery, for at this very moment it has been conceived from the furnace and bellows of my intellect-- Get to the point, you say? What? Blasphemy.


In the beginning, there was nothing. Yet, also everything. The universe, known to the people as Va'lun, yet existed in it's perfect, wholesome state. Yes, Va'lun was perfect... then. The seven original beings, known to the people of Valga as gods, inhabited Va'lun. Of the seven gods were Vaati, Venci, Maya, Ooin, Koren, Jalga(pronounce the J as a Y), and Horan, all who will be introduced later.

The gods, put in simple terms understandable for your meager brain, were bored. And furthermore, they did not get along. After unquantifiable stretches of time, their quarrels met end with compromise. They agreed to separate from each other. Each god left to exist in their own plane of the universe, which today are the seven planes of Va'lun.

However, this separation sanctioned further boredom. To alleviate boredom, the gods all eventually began tapping into the powers of the void, Vanir. In the universe, there is nothing, yet also everything. The ultimate sum of all matter in Va'lun is zero. Tapping into the Vanir allows one to control the universal existence of all matter, manipulating what exists and does not exist beyond the laws of physics as we know them. Some call this black magic.

Eons then passed, and the gods had so heavily used Vanir, irresponsibly, that pockets of negative matter existed scattered about throughout Va'lun. And then the goddess Maya made a grave mistake, attempting to clean out negative matter, they offset the universe's balance. The matter count was no longer zero. In an infinite instant the matter, the world, and the heavens compacted into an infinitely tiny and infinitely massive sphere. The gods were crushed, quite literally. With the last bit of their life force, they agreed to surrender their crushed bodies to circumvent their doom and restore the zero-balance of Va'lun.

It happened, and they died.

In the next infinite instant, the universe exploded and expanded infinitely to create existence as is now known. The gods were not entirely dead, they yet existed as ghosts--Omnipresent spirits which only managed a meager half-existence. With the final remains of their power, the gods put forth a plan. They would create a world which would self cultivate. It would live, flourish, and grow on it's own. And it would be given one ultimate goal--The resurrection of the gods.

This world, of course, was Valga. Vaati, with her expert analytical abilities, identified the best hunk of rock she could, shaped it into a sphere, and flooded it with water. Venci, with his burning tenacity, shaped the land of the world, set it's core ablaze, and gave it's tectonic planes their first, infinite push. Maya, ever so sorrowful for her mishaps, created weather cycles and the first forces of nature. Ooin, with his careful and deliberate touch, created the first non animal life forms. Then Koren, a master of mediation, created the first language and left scrolls of immense knowledge for the emissaries they would create. Jalga, then, with her careful and loving attention, created the first animal as a derivative of Koren's first creation, which would form the base for all other animals. Then finally, Horan, who spent the last remnants of his energy casting his soul into the earth, so he could ever-so-deliberately track and guide the progress of life toward their ultimate goal.

This was, and is, Valga. It's relatively small, compared to our planet. Do not fret, though, for in the coming weeks you shall learn the true meaning of "big things come in small packages.", for the world of Valga is yet vast and bountiful.

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