Thursday, December 24, 2009


Although I only had 9 participants,(at the time of writing this blog post) the feedback they gave me was wonderful.

I want to thank everyone who participated.

You should be able to view the results yourself here:

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I have begun prototyping my fighter in Game Maker. Once the simple prototype is complete, I'll be moving onto developing the full game in XNA, rather than Flash/Flixel.

The full game will have HD hand drawn manga/anime style graphics, drawn by me, so you're not just looking at a jumble of crappy pixels on your big screen TV.

That's all for now! The prototype game will be posted for free download. The full game through XBLIG will cost you some pocket change, though.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little Man with Big Dreams

Behold, a little man with Big Dreams. I got no word from Masna about a Megaman zelda-like, I figure he was just jesting around when he asked for a programmer.

I'm not too disappointed, though, check out this little guy here. My 'trademarked' character, Vanof, in pixel glory. With the help of the glorious folks at TIGForums, and a lot of reworking, I have a finished base frame!

Base frame...

Oh, yeah, I designed this really neat fighting game. I figure I might as well make it, now. Flash/Flixel should make it pretty easy for me.

Look to my blog for all updates on my game progress as well as early demos, unveilings, and random paraphernalia, subscribe or RSS now!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Latest Ventures

Learning Flash/AS3 with Flixel is going very well, I find it immeasurably fun, unlike the code crunching C++ that I've been used to. I'll definitely be using this for many upcoming projects.

Upcoming projects in mind, a TIGSource member named Masna has expressed interest in creating a Megaman Zelda-like. I'm totally hooked on this idea, and hope to contact him further on collaboration.

I've also announced my Assemblee: Part 2 entry. It's simply labeled "Arcade", which will be a collection of small mini-games made with Flash+Flixel. The actual amount of games or what games there will be in this arcade, I have no idea. Oh well, the idea with this is that I can be as lazy or as outgoing as I want. It also compliments how there's such a wide and varying variety of resources to choose from.

Signing off, until next time!
(this was mostly just a filler post to say this blog is not dead~!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


No, I'm not lifting my shirt up for you.(I'm not a woman, anyways.)

I'm divebombing into the dangerous, yet welcoming territory known as Flash. I'd like to be able to make games with it. I'll still continue to use C++, but only for heavier 3D projects.

Using FlashDevelop and the awesomesox Flixel library, I hope to have at least one game finished and up on the web for all of you to chew up and spit out by the end of the year.