Monday, August 29, 2011

Z4R - The following weeks!

'Dames and 'gents, take off your sweatshirts and relax. It's time for me to fill you in on what's been goin' down these past few weeks.

Following the first few weeks of development, I've gotten a LOT done. Frankly, there isn't much to play, so it's arguable that I haven't 'done anything'. But! On the inside, there are some nice, finely tuned gears that are ready to handle my game.

I've yet to do any true benchmarking, but I believe my game can push about 1000 stretched images and still retain 60 fps. This is great, because my game will probably never exceed more than 50 or 100 images on screen at once.

I added two enemies, a simple drone which flies through the screen(traditional cannon fodder!) and then a sweeping enemy which will sweep through and fire some bursts of bullets at you. It's all pretty simple for now, but it's a start! With that, of course, I've added bullets and damaging. Each enemy will have a unique weak spot which will net you extra points if you can nail it-- more on that later.

Behind the scenes, I made 5 new enemies'(including the sweeper and drone) graphics and design, but have yet to implement them. This engine for my game is written entirely by me(aside from gfx/sound which is done by cocos2d), so I have to add functionality on a need-by-need basis.

Lately I've been heavily considering changing up the art style to incorporate color. I'm not entirely sure how I'd like to do it, but some life definitely needs to be breathed in to this rather drab feeling shooter.

Oh yes, and, my summer vacation has finished and I've now returned to school. It's slowed things down a bit, needless to say.

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