Monday, August 1, 2011

Rant to Nintendo

Let me put it this way, Nintendo

If you refuse to give us free games, or those on price-par with those on other mobile platforms, then at least deliver on your promise of "premium". If you want to sell me a $10 game, that's fine. But if I can get a better game, in terms of both play and production value, on my iPhone for $1, then you're not giving me premium content. You're giving me overpriced piles of horse shit, which I won't buy. Premium means it's the best-- of the highest quality. So if you're going to charge me a premium price, you better damn well give me premium content. You no longer have my trust as making the best games, let me just put it that way. If you want me to buy your stuff, first help me trust you again. Give me great games at great deals. Prove to me that I didn't waste $250 on a 3DS. Prove to me that I made a good decision buying your console and not Sony's. This is the last straw Nintendo-- if you can't deliver what I, as a gamer, want, then I'll simply leave you behind. I'm open-minded, and love games of all varieties. But a shitty game is a shitty game. Give me the premium content which you keep promising. Give me a reason to put my 3DS in my bag every morning.

Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Amen Brother! Preach! Maybe it's time for Nintendo to go the SEGA route. Give up consoles and just make games. Send all your hardware designers to companies who can deliver on their promise.