Saturday, August 13, 2011

Smoothies, Smartphones, and Serenity

Hello, welcome to the "mobile" era of computing. I'm currently chilling on the beaches of Waikiki, sipping a delicious fruit smoothie, and writing a blog post on my iPhone about my enthusiasm for the direction computers are going in.

With a smartphone, you're not tied to a desk. Hell, I'm at a fancy beach writing this post. I can go anywhere and take care of my business. I don't have to worry about my battery, I know it'll last me all day. I can use it while strolling down the main street, because it's so easy to handle. When sunset comes around, I'll stop for a moment to get that perfect picture of the pacific dusk, post it on my Twitter, and be on my merry way. Later that night I'll have a laugh with my friends, reading the silly comments they posted about my photo. Tomorrow I might go on a jog down the beach while enjoying some tunes streamed from Pandora. It's a much needed jog, too. I have to make up for those years and years of me spending 8 to 12 hours on a computer, you know! But hey, I don't fret. I can be anywhere, and do anything.

Yes, this is the life!

These devices are totally the future. I love them, and that's why I want to involve myself with them. These amazing little pocket devices are immensely powerful-- they give us, human beings, power. No longer are you tied to that desk. Walk free, as I do, enjoying both the real world and it's cyberspace in perfect harmony. It's just great being able to do any of your computing, or gaming, anywhere and everywhere.

That's the beauty of where computers are going. "mobile" isn't simply referring to the device. It's referring to us.

Now excuse me, I'm about to go inland for a traditional Luau. Aloha, brother!

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