Sunday, September 25, 2011

Z4R has ditched it's black and white style, officially!
So there I was a week or so ago, sipping my coffee, and all of a sudden I had this startling, unexpected realization. 

These graphics are ugly.

Well, turns out I was right! While black and white may be a neat style, I don't think it was giving me what I wanted for my game, and that's why I changed it.

I still wanted the sprites to be a bit blocky, but I also wanted some higher fidelity, so I doubled the pixel resolution of my sprites. I think the result is looking quite nice. So behold, Z4R's new graphic style.

Read some more details about my game after the break, including a story teaser!
The basis for this art style is that I wanted to reflect two things: the feeling of being isolatated in deep space, and actual lighting conditions of space itself.

The colors are cold and desaturated. There is very little light in space, and the tiniest bit of radiance makes a big deal. Nothing is alive, warm, or happy. The only warm, green sigil of life in this cold dark space is you, and up here even your once vibrant green seems dull and decrepit. 

As you fly, fly away from the blue, bright earth, the lights of humanity fade from perception and only the cold dark void awaits you. This isn't an emo poem, this is Z4R.

Fly, fly space ranger; denizen of salvation! Venture through reaches of darkness and return to us the the Catalyst of Dreams! Use it to cast off the curtain of oblivion from our Precious Earth.