Friday, April 22, 2011

A Protector In Every Pocket

So here I am going to formally introduce my Pocket Protector project.

Pocket Protector started when I was bored in class, early this month last year.(there's actually a post on it~) At the time, I was working on a game called "Messenger Boy", which didn't go over so well in the end. After that game epically failed, I reminisced to the utter fun I had making Pocket Protector, and hence continued my work on it.

The game draws upon experiences from my favorite action RPGs and score-based arcade games, and the overall goal of this game remains to be a easy-to-play, addicting, yet involved and in-depth Flash ARPG. From the beginning I knew I'd have to encounter the limitations of Flash before too long, most importantly the limitations of the players.(note: flash game attention span.) Nonetheless, it hasn't stopped me.

When I was thinking up the name, I wanted it to be something simple and at least relatively catchy, so it became "Pocket Protector". The name comes from my idea that this game would be be played as a handheld game, and it was a totally funny idea thinking of a little critter smashing baddies in your pocket, contained in your smartphone or whatever.

Oh, and there's that link to play the game in the sidebar. Click it, play it, give me feedback! Yeah!

My next article: Ideas for Pocket's future!

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