Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pocket's Future; Pt.1

So, today I'm going to start talking about my future plans for Pocket! Is this a futile hype attempt? Maybe! But I'd like to share some of my ideas for where I'm going with this game, and hopefully get some feedback. After I wrote out my outline for this post, I knew there'd be no way to do it all in one writing. Therefore, read on, for this is Part 1 of a two part series on the future of Pocket Protector!

First off, I've designed my game core to be very flexible to my demands. When I started this game, I knew I'd be shifting my gears quite a bit, and adding content that I had never planned in the first place! This game has been designed to be updated after official 'release'. As time goes on, the idea is that I'll continue adding to the game.

So, right now, if you've already played the game, you've noticed there's only one area to go into: The Cave. It's nice, but I'm sure that after a while you got tired of seeing those brown walls. If you're not sick of them already, you will be. For the future, I plan on designing entirely new levels to explore, built on entirely different generation algorithms. I wouldn't want to recycle the same old code skinned with a different tileset. I'm aiming to provide a completely different level-diving experience in each separate area.
One that I have in mind is the "Deep Forest", or perhaps a Jungle, full of wildlife and flora, neither of which would necessarily be 'kind' to you. And of course, to honor the age-old RPG tradition, I've been entertaining the idea of creating a dungeon. Wouldn't it be awesomely creepy if prisoners were shrieking at you from inside their cells as you went by? I hope the player doesn't do anything to simultaneously open all the cages. *maniacal laugh*

One thing that keeps coming to my mind as 'absolutely awesome' is status effects. Yeah, I know, when you or I play RPGs these status effects are like, "Ugh, again? f***". But, alas! Effects like poisoning, burning, and even more obscure effects sound like a whole lot of fun. Wouldn't it be awesome if the Red Burst spell set enemies on fire? I think it would. What if cave bats poisoned you? Even cooler: What if you used a spell to "set fire" to your weapon, letting you swing a flaming sword or shoot a burning arrow, or what if some natural gas was spewing out of a hole, and you used a fire spell on it, causing a massive explosion? Things like this all sound pretty fun to me.

But of course, I want to keep giving the player new things to do. That's what all of my development is right now, as I near the first complete release. After that, I want to start giving the player more slots to equip weapons and spells, and I want to give the player many, many more magic crystals.(current can only obtain one.)
Isn't that boring without other things to put in those slots, or use those magic crystals with? Yes. *reader nods*
I want to begin adding more powerful magic spells to the game. Higher cost, higher output. Typical RPG fare, I suppose! While trying to avoid typical tropes, I'm working on designing lots of strategical spells, and those which work with and have an effect on the environment. We'll see!

So everyone, thank you for reading! That concludes Part 1 of Pocket's Future. Next time: Pocket's Future; Pt. 2!

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