Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hive? Some logo design

Click to lightbox this!
I made this today for fun. I'm pretty fond of the color scheme; I have this thing for analogs. I really like analogs.

Also, my box art commission was completed last friday, I might post it later on. Yay.

So am I a game designer or a graphic designer? The correct answer is "neither"! Why limit myself to a single designation? Muahaha!


  1. Nice article, but I gotta agree, you set off alarms with comments like "leave the design to a professional, much as you would leave your dental work to a dentist." Wait I'm confused now... so um, can a dentist do his own dental work?logo design

  2. Professional Logos is one of the greatest blessings for a company; whether it is big or small. It gives them an identity of their own and makes them different from others.

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