Monday, April 9, 2012

Lizards.. SSsssss~

Showcasing a few simple graphical improvements.
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So I though to myself, "hey, I should write something on where I'm going with Lizard Warrior. Because yeah, I have a blog. Makes sense." So, I went to take a snapshot of my game and I realized to myself two things:

One, how most nearly useless it would be because most of the visual improvements lately have been visual effects which are difficult to communicate in a still.

Two, how far my game has went in such a short amount of time, especially considering how much time I've spent on it.(read: not all that much)

In the screenshot pictured above you can see the improved background graphic and the final bits of a smoke explosion animation playing, which triggers when an enemy is defeated. Wasps explode into swaths of smoke, awesome!

A mockup to tease the new character, Toad.(the frog)
For the future of the game, I'm planning on creating multiple playable characters, much to the dismay of the game's title. The first of which is "Toad", who is a frog. All of the characters will be unique to one another and play very differently, for that is their purpose. It should make for lots of great variety and fun times to be had.

I'll also be removing the stat upgrading in favor of a skill tree, which will give me much more flexibility in designing ways to upgrade your character.

In addition to this will be what I am calling "Personalities", where you pick a personality for your character. The personality you pick affects them in some way!(read: somewhat undecided) This will add another layer of depth to choosing characters and will help introduce interesting complex strategies. Also, if I ever add dialogue to the game these will have a major role in it somehow.

I made textboxes but I don't have a use for them yet...
Beyond characters, I'm working on the game's first boss, which, unless something big makes me change my mind, is going to be a giant crocodile. My goal is to make it epic, and to make you feel like a tiny little helpless ant at the mercy of a merciless child with an aerosol can of bug spray.

Sound effects are being worked on. I'm not satisfied with my SFXR-generated sound effects, so I'm thinking of making an ambitious move and recording my own, somehow. We'll see how that works out. Voice acting is also being experimented with. Hahaha!

To wrap things up, I'm also putting a lot of effort into the level design now. I'm enjoying the mix of pre-made levels and procedural generation, so far it's been a lot of fun to work with.

Not sure how much of this stuff will be completed by the time I feel like releasing the next version, butttt, it's being worked on!

Ciao for now!!

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