Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Protector Rush


As a sort of weekend project I decided I’d try out Flixel! With that, I began writing a small flash game which would be sort of a “prequel” to what goes on in Pocket.

It was fun!

Working with Flixel was kind of a pain at first since I had been working with FlashPunk for the past 8 months. That said, me and Flixel quickly warmed up together and became great friends.

For kicks, the game is up at FlashGameLicense. Let’s see if I can get a sponsor! I’ll post it here if it looks like my FGL venture isn’t getting anywhere.


The game was inspired by a certain game in dev over at TIGSource, as well as Final Fantasy XIII and the desire to make a game that’d work on Android phones.

Coming next: MOCKUP WEEK

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