Friday, April 2, 2010

Pocket Protector~!

Screenshot of Pocket ProtectorHere’s a little game I just kind of… Made. Mostly in my free time between frustrations on my current project.

Anywho, I haven’t released a game in a while. I’m always developing game, but never exactly releasing them. I typically get too caught up in making something awesome and usually quit some part through. I’m just putting this out for the hell of it~

I want to slowly develop it onto a kind of clusterfuck of gameplay, as I progress my current project. I don’t plan on being too serious about this. The graphics are tiny and sub-par, the code is hilariously messy, and there isn’t any sound.

With that said, I want your feedback anyway! Please try the game and tell me what you think. I want feedback to get some ideas where to go.


F4-Fullscreen(recommended) / Z – Attack / X – Flamethrower(lolwut??) / Arrow Keys – Move character

You can download the game with the link below, at Host-A


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