Thursday, March 11, 2010

Semantics: ‘that’s not Indie!’

Recently I’ve been noticing an increase in semantics over the term ‘Indie’. Indie referring to an Independent game developer in the gaming industry.

It’s a topic that’s very easy to fling yourself into a debate of semantics over—The word independent itself is cause for debate. In the game industry, deals are often made with publishers or distributers to market games. This obviously applies to independent studios and teams as well—They strike deals with bigger guys to get their product out there.

So what bugs me is this constant semantics debate of what is and isn’t Indie. I’m not going to try to define Indie, but I figure so long as you have control of what you make, and you want to call yourself that, then you are! It frustrates me how people are arguing over it. A game is, I say! If it’s a good game, who cares who made it?

This strikes me directly, as I consider myself to be Independent.

If you read this blog and the issue strikes your interest, makes you mad, whatever—you should leave a comment below. Especially if you think this is a pointless thing to blog about and I just wasted your time. Leave your opinion!


  1. So you're saying that [corporation name here] is indie if they call themselves that?

  2. That's a good point, hahah. But don't you think a corporation is basically a polar opposite of being independent?