Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Latest Ventures

Learning Flash/AS3 with Flixel is going very well, I find it immeasurably fun, unlike the code crunching C++ that I've been used to. I'll definitely be using this for many upcoming projects.

Upcoming projects in mind, a TIGSource member named Masna has expressed interest in creating a Megaman Zelda-like. I'm totally hooked on this idea, and hope to contact him further on collaboration.

I've also announced my Assemblee: Part 2 entry. It's simply labeled "Arcade", which will be a collection of small mini-games made with Flash+Flixel. The actual amount of games or what games there will be in this arcade, I have no idea. Oh well, the idea with this is that I can be as lazy or as outgoing as I want. It also compliments how there's such a wide and varying variety of resources to choose from.

Signing off, until next time!
(this was mostly just a filler post to say this blog is not dead~!)

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